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Just a few of our 2011 Heifers!!
Just a few of our 2011 Steers!!
Replacement Heifers Available!!
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Black Angus and Jersey Cattle
Black Angus Cattle
Meet "Molly" our standard Jersey Nurse cow!  We milk Molly by hand when we need milk and she also helps out by feeding bottle calves and bottle lambs!!  She is an excellent cow with such a great temperment!!  She was not bred this year but will be bred next year to a miniutre Jersey Bull! 
Meet "Toad" he is Molly's 2010 calf.  Toad is 1/2 standard Jersey and 1/2 miniture Jersey!  He would make someone and excellent bull if they are looking to downsize their Jersey herd.  He is For Sale so please contact me if you are interested in adding Toad to your herd!
Jersey Cattle
Jersey Bull Calf For Sale
Pictured at a few months old!
Pictured in March 2011