Paulson Ranch
Alpine Dairy Goats
This is "Billie" she has been bred for Spring 2011 to a Oberhaslis buck!
My kids call her "Little Billie" cause she is a 2010 "Billie" daughter that looks just like her mother, bred to a Oberhaslis buck due for spring 2011!!
There will be kids available this spring, please contact Keri at if you are interested!
Oberhaslis Dairy Goats
Oberhaslis and Alpine Dairy Goats
Meet "YoYo", she was bred for spring 2011 to a Oberhaslis buck but unfortunatley she aborted this year and now is the proud mamma of 2 baby bottle lambs!!  She wanted babies so badly and accepted these two within minutes!!
This is the Oberhaslis buck that "Billie" and "Little Billie" were bred to.   He is owned by Jill Danker of Wagner, SD.